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Formaldehyde Pollution Is Rampant
According to the survey, 90% of new houses exceed the standard
Government vigorously supports environmental protection industry
Indoor pollution is both a crisis and a business opportunity
All kinds of non solid wood furniture
Paint wall
Curtain, carpet
Foam insulation material
Statistics Of Profit And Loss Of Global Air Purification Market In 10 Years
Looking for city partners, high return and fast operation Truly realized, where there is breath, there is profit!
————  8 Alliance Support  ————
Witnessed by more than 600 governance companies in China Known as a product with better experience
Powerful Decomposition
Long Term Purification
Moderate Safety
The new technology of neutralizing and decomposing formaldehyde with amino acid can take effect immediately without light, about 1 day after reaching the standard
Nano polymer film forming technology helps decomposition more stable and long-term
The whole product works without light, temperature, humidity and wind. It's easy to use, one time, one taste, mild and safe
No Worries About The Dispatch Business Of Headquarters
Collect clues from all over the country and send a list free of charge!
9 Brand Advantages
Less money? Fewer people? Limited resources? Gary helps you reduce your load 9 advantages, no burden for you to start a business
With the same quality / price ratio, gairui promises to lead the industry in comprehensive cost performance.
With independent R & D team and production plant, it has obtained a number of industrial product invention patents.
Garying's annual advertising investment accounts for more than 20%, demonstrating its determination to be a century old brand.
After years of precipitation, gairui has become a favorite brand of many formaldehyde removal companies.
Garying has a mature training system, such as business school, to carry out advanced training and training for agents.
Garying has a complete product line, construction management equipment, self use type, automobile purification, household cleaning, etc
Proficient in brand operation and channel construction is conducive to promoting the growth of agents.
Agents can share headquarters engineering cases, large-scale projects, and the company can assist in negotiation.
Gairui innovates and introduces the "new traditional" distribution cooperation mode, so that agents can form sustainable profitability.
Low Threshold, Enjoy Super Low Price
——————    No shop to operate    ——————
Less Investment
Less Risk
Simple operation
Friends circle, stores and other ways to sell products, simple and flexible, fast capital turnover. It can also attract merchants to earn wholesale price difference.
Multiple Profit Model
Two product lines bring super profits
All Qualification Certificates Guarantee Entrepreneurship
Honorary Certificate
Multiple Invention Patents
Many Industry Honors
Classic Case
Science and technology leader in formaldehyde removal master the core technology of formaldehyde removal
China Life Changsha branch about 2000 square meters
Office formaldehyde treatment,
Three days later, the acceptance is all up to standard
Zhonghai international villa area
500 square meters area 5 times exceeding the standard after one treatment
Full compliance
Air treatment of 12000 square meters of Xi'an Ping'an Jinfu office building
One week later, CMA reached the standard
Vienna International Hotel (Dingshang Plaza store),
Formaldehyde treatment in 300 guest rooms and 2 meeting rooms,Meeting room with severe pollution shall be delivered after 3 times of construction
Formaldehyde treatment of 1800m2 in Shaanxi University of science and technology Qianghua kindergarten
Five days later, all CMA's acceptance is up to standard
Air control of urban channel of Shaanxi TV station
Three days CMA acceptance all up to standard
The dormitory of an experimental primary school in Changsha,
5000 square meters,
Governance CMA acceptance all up to standard
Shaanxi water group long term strategic cooperation
The total construction area in three years is more than 16000 square meters
Free Access To Business Opportunities
At present, 5781 people have successfully started businesses
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