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Office Pollution Hazard

Formaldehyde, benzene and PM2.5 seem to be the key words of the times 80% - modern people spend more than 80% of their time indoors 5 times - the total disease burden caused by indoor air pollution is more than 5 times that caused by outdoor air pollution 2 million - Urban Indoor and outdoor air pollution causes more than 200000 premature deaths each year.

Sources Of Office Pollution
Mainly from cabinets, leather, etc
Mainly from paint, wallpaper, etc
Mainly from floor, adhesive, etc
Peculiar Smell
Mainly from cabinets, leather goods, etc
1. Formaldehyde emission limit of all kinds of wood furniture used in office is less than or equal to 1.5mg/l 2. Formaldehyde limit of density board and particleboard: it can be directly used indoor ≤ 9mg / 100g; it can be used indoor ≤ 30mg / 100g after finishing. 3. Formaldehyde limit of veneer panel: it can be directly used indoor ≤ 1.5mg/l; free formaldehyde limit of interior wall coating ≤ 0.1g/kg 4. The limit of solvent adhesive to formaldehyde is ≤ 0.5g/kg; the limit of benzene is ≤ 5g / kg; the limit of toluene and xylene is ≤ 200g / kg 5. Formaldehyde emission of carpet, carpet lining and carpet adhesive is ≤ 0.50mg/m3/h; styrene limit is: class a product ≤ 0.400mg/h/m2, class B product ≤ 0.500mg/h/m2 6. The limit of solvent based wood coatings to benzene is ≤ 0.5% and the limit of the sum of p-toluene and xylene is ≤ 45%, 40% and 10% respectively. The limit of polyurethane coatings to free toluene diisocyanate is 0.7%;
Conclusion: environmental protection of materials is not equal to environmental protection of decoration. Indoor decoration pollution exists objectively
Field Preliminary Survey
Formaldehyde detection is toxic, please do a good job of self-protection
CMA laboratory level large-scale professional detector is used to sample the polluted environment. Determine the initial value of formaldehyde exceeding the standard.
Check the construction environment and identify the main pollution sources. according to the pollution situation, make the construction plan based on the initial test data. Determine the construction area and calculate the products needed. Check whether the tools, uniforms and masks are complete.
Clean Up And Protect The Site
Clean up the objects within the construction scope,
and cover and protect the sensitive materials. Pull out all the drawers. Clean the dust and stains on the surface and dry them naturally.
Chemical Construction
According to the different pollution sources on the site, different treatment chemicals are equipped for spraying or brushing. Professional constructors use atomizer to atomize and spray evenly on floor, wall, ceiling, furniture and other surfaces. After 24 hours curing, its effect is as long as several years. It not only decomposes but also forms a film. As long as there is residual harmful gas touching it, it will be decomposed into amino acid compounds. Sterilization, deodorization and formaldehyde removal are effective.
Window Ventilation
And Reminder
The window can be opened for ventilation after the water mist is cleared. Please turn on the forced ventilation system in poor ventilation environment. Any treatment product has certain water solubility, if it needs to be done within 15 days after treatment Please clean the furniture in depth under the guidance of the service provider.
Acceptance Retest
CMA test report can be issued for professional test Generally, 1-7 days after governance, the governance results shall be accepted according to the time required by customers. CMA report of third party acceptance can be issued as appropriate. (the testing cost shall be borne by the owner)
After-Sale Service
After acceptance, we will visit the governance effect irregularly and provide free service for life.
Test Governance Process
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